Top 5 Defense Devices For Senior Citizens

Top 5 Defense Devices For Senior Citizens

Personal safety is among the biggest concerns for senior citizens these days. Hence, it is important for you to know about various safety devices available in the market today.

Recommended Safety Devices for Seniors:

Personal alarm

A personal alarm is a must have safety device in the current day world. When you require help, equipping your house with 110 dB personal alarm could make a huge difference. This can be true for medical and security situations. A personal alarm could assist you in getting the required attention.

Ultrasonic Dog Chaser

An ultrasonic dog chaser can ensure your safety while walking around nearby parks & neighborhood. The device is able to emit a 130-decibel ultrasonic frequency in addition to using pulsing lights so as to scare away dogs that show aggressive signs. This can be ideal for you while walking your dog or being out in public areas where there may be a risk of off-leash dogs charging on you.

Pepper Spray

Senior citizens who use any sort of walker or wheel chain can easily hide a keychain pepper spray in their chair pocket so that they have it with them all the time. In case of an emergency, make sure you aim at the eyes & reach a safer place as soon as possible.

Auto Dialer alarms for your house

Criminals prefer invading the house of elderly & auto dialer alarms could keep intruders away from your house. The alarms will instantly call you in the event it identifies any motion inside your house allowing you to call the emergency number instead of walking in on intruders & facing the risk of an attack.

Runt Stun gun (mini version)

The gun is quite small and lightweight. Also, it can fit easily well inyour pocket or hand and you will be able to use it even in case the attacker istouching you as the current is unlikely to pass through towards you.  Each of the items mentioned above is easy to operate and lightweight which are 2 of the most important factors you need to consider when picking any safety device for personal usage.

About Medigap plans for seniors:

Also called as Medicare supplement plans here or supplements, they help infilling the gaps within traditional Medicare. At the moment, you can choosefrom any of the 10 available Medigap plans, however, be sure to consider otherfactors like the coverage network and your present state before making yourfinal choice.